Getting Resourcd? Getting there!

With the big changes from the exchanges that have happened over the last week I have been asked the question ‘why change’ in many different ways; some excited about the change, some down-right rude and bitter.

For those of you who don’t know, the exchange sites are run by Mark and myself. We are both full time psychology teachers and started the communities as we felt there wasn’t somewhere for teachers that was run by teachers. We wanted to create a community of teachers founded on the ideas of sharing best practice and ideas. That was six years ago and we had no idea how big the communities would become.

After time we had nine exchange communities for different teaching groups and managing these sites and the infrastructure needed to keep them all running (three servers in Germany, two in the UK, and a number of cloud servers in the US) was taking massive amounts of time and a large amount of money too. We do have ads on the site but they usually cover the bills and that’s it.

About a year ago we discussed merging the communities to make the management of the site easier and to reduce our costs, both in money and in time; that’s when Resourcd was born. It has taken me over six months to write the code and three days of Mark and I working to migrate the sites across to this new format. We are really excited about it; we hope that the community is too.

The move was relatively smooth and we knew that there would be some bugs to work out. With a community of over 115,000 users and over 25,000 different resources to move there are bound to be bugs that I hadn’t thought about. And there were. For these I apologise and we are working through these as fast as we can. We are not some international company with help desks and developers; just two blokes in a shed.

I think we have an amazing community of teachers with a shared belief in sharing ideas, resources and discussions and have been proud to be apart of making this over the last six years. The next six years are exciting as the site now develops into Resourcd.

So, please do stick with us through these next few weeks. If something isn’t right let me know (but be nice about it). I’d love to hear any ideas and constructive comments about the site. After all, I’ve always wanted to make the community better for all.

I’m off to get a pint now. Enjoy Resourcd.

Jamie Davies is an occasionally brilliant, 33-year-old assistant principal, teacher, author, data scientist and educationalist from Yorkshire.

One comment: On Getting Resourcd? Getting there!

  • love to think of you and Mark working away happily in your metophoric shed.Do not like to think of you and Mark stressing out trying to juggle 9 clouds or servers in international cyberspace.Who are these people who send you rude messages and cant handle change? sad grumpy nobodies.The site is crisp new and quick and looks ready for the future .Thanks for everything boys cant wait to catch up at conference.

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