Flip your classroom with Resourcd.

Have you ever had a video you just wish you had time to watch in class? Do you want to engage your learners with something other than a hand-out for homework? Why not Flip your classroom? With Resourcd. you can now do this with ease.

There are lots of different ideas about Flipping your classroom, see this TED talk for more. But essentially you provide your learners with resources and videos to allow them to ‘learn’ the material as homework and then build on this with skills in your classroom.

Now with Resourcd Flipped you can try this, or just give a different type of homework for your students. Here is an example of a flipped session. You provide the student with a video and linked documents and activities that they complete outside of class (or in class if you are lucky enough to have a computer suite at your disposal).

See the video and try to Flip your first lesson. Enjoy!

Jamie Davies is an occasionally brilliant, 33-year-old assistant principal, teacher, author, data scientist and educationalist from Yorkshire.

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